Gumtree RSS Tool

Gumtree RSS Tool

I was playing about with gumtree and realised it could really do with a little more advanced searching, but with no API it only offered its data out in RSS format. I was looking for a PS3 but only wanted to highlight offeres within a certain range so ended up this tool to highlight adverts which fall within my criteria. Its still under developement but the basics are there, I may have it export out an email or its own RSS filtered down so I can spot those bargains.

Quote DB Viewer

Quote Database

I came across a bunch of old files which still make me laugh, so I thought I would try to consolidate them into a repository and maybe have some fun with the results

Click here to add to database : authentication required
Click here to view the database
Google API Screenshot

google.api picasa photos

I Have been experimenting with the Google API for Photos .net library - its been interesting journey into Classes using ObjectDataSource control and Datalist with ImageButton and Linkbutton for display, firing the OnSelectedIndexChanged with DataKeyField event of the Datalist to show the required gallery.
This version uses the .net Client library with a wrapper class with a custom data class to store parts of the PicasaEntry objects.
Click here to see full project
Custom Blog Engine Screenshot

Custom Blog Engine

working on writing a simple blog engine. I tried 1.6 which was very good but I decided I wanted to write my own simple version, learning about creating an authenticated website, using CSS stylesheets while integrating AjaxControlToolkit along the way.
So far it displays the stories with a list of titles that can be clicked. Posting a story is possible once logged into the website.
EasyNews Viewer

EasyNews viewer

bit of a rubbish little test application. It requires a valid account to Easynews. Once logged in it retrieves a list of groups which contain images, then lists all the .jpg found within that group once selected. The list can then be played back on a slideshow. Its a bit slow and uses html source parsing instead of any API.

Click here to download it
CelebrityMovieArchive Viewer

Cma viewer

One of the first applications I wrote playing about with html parsing. Its not really complete and is still quite buggy. It scans and pulls down the images for viewing pleasure.
Click here to download it
UPDATE : I have built a page to extract the inline images and display them toogether in an online version here