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I Have been experimenting with the Google API for Photos .net library - its been interesting journey into Classes using ObjectDataSource control and Datalist with ImageButton and Linkbutton for display, firing the OnSelectedIndexChanged with DataKeyField event of the Datalist to show the required gallery.
I have Implemented two versions of this,
Click on Method A  uses Protocol 1.0 and the google DLL files to aquire the Album data and then the Photo data.
Click on Method B  uses Protocol 2.0 with direct HTTPS queries to retrieve XML atom feed data which is parsed using LINQ to extract the required data

The supporting files are the DataClass for both methods
Method A Markup and Method A CodeBehind 
Method B Markup and Method B CodeBehind
the main guts of each protocol are shown below, shown as a seperate class file per method

Method A

Method B