MoH vs COD:BO PS3by satman
So I started off playing Medal of Honor a month or so ago, the single player mode is far too short but had a pretty good storyline. Online the game was a nightmare, the skill of the other players pretty much gave me a TimetoLive of 3 seconds until I persevered and managed to get some decent weapons. The online servers are reliable and fast, with almost no noticable lag. New maps were introduced which were needed, but im not paying for something that should be in the game from the start. CleanSweep mode is boring and sucks.

Call of Duty I started a couple of days ago - the solo mission took me about a day to complete, much longer than MoH but a lot of it was watching movie sequences which made it quite crap. Online the game falls apart, the weapons available for a newbie are pretty useless and the jerkiness from lag is appalling, constantly getting kicked from servers for lost connection. Im hoping that this is a temporary thing due to it being new but c'mon !

Verdict : MoH wins for Online, but could do with more free maps.
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Submitted by Satman
ok managed to get the Famas with red dot sight in COD:Black ops , the game got a whole lot easier now I can kill people. I rebooted my router and enabled uPNP which seems to have helped the lag times
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Submitted by Satman
sorely dissappointed by BO on the PS3, its been patched to 1.05 but still utterly rubbish lag, connections, gameplay - its the last time I will buy a Treyarch game
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