Firing Event from UserControl to Parent Pageby satman
Ok the site is now back up and running completely recoded in C# from It took about a day to convert all the pages and debug all those little issues that made me dislike C# all those years ago.

One Problem I came across was getting a simple Button control in a UserControl to fire an event back to its parent page, after trawling the net and coming across various versions all of which were a little overcomplicated I thought I would post a simple version.

In the UserControl
// eg declare an event called 'fireback' which is an EventHandler
public event EventHandler fireback;

When you want to fire the event back
if (fireback!= null) //check event is not empty safety
fireback(Sender, new EventArgs()); //fire event for main page

in the Parent Page to consume it , define the connection and the local code to execute on event detection

my_Usercontrol.fireback += new EventHandler(consumerSub);

where my_Usercontrol is whatever name you assigned to the UserControl and consumerSub is the code you fire when the event happens, for example

protected void consumerSub(object sender, EventArgs e) { ..code.. }
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