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Ive been running an old XBOX with XMBC4XBOX for some time now and it finally gave up for dead so it was time for a replacement. I thought it might be a good time to get an Apple TV3 but soon realised that it is a horribly restricted piece of kit unless you jailbreak it, also for 99GBP I could easily get another old XBOX and chip it up to replace the old one. The older ATV1 and 2 seem to be double the price as they can be JB’ed , but don’t appear to handle 1080p which isn’t great.

My current setup consists of a central PC with all my media available over Samba and Media Server. The Lounge uses a Ps3 as a client which gives me HDMI audio and video via a Sony amp. The bedroom has the now defunct XBOX feeding via SCART to the TV and audio via optical to an amp. Pretty much everything is hardwired or using homeplugs, WIFI N for those carry about devices.

So along came the Raspberry Pi, for 32GBP a lovely credit cardsize piece of kit that can easily be setup for XMBC using Raspbmc or openELECdistros stored on a cheap SD card. This offers great 1080p video and audio overHDMI but what I love about it the most is the ability to support Airplay and AirVideo, allowing me to throw audio and video to the main system from my ipad, which also doubles up as a Remote Control via a free app.  If it’s not to hand I have set it up so I can remote control on my Android phone or via http browser .  The only thing I would have liked is an optical out, my bedroom amp is pre HDMI so can only handle optical or stereo RCA, so for now I have to put up with stereo audio via the Raspberry Pi headphone jack.

I had a couple of SkyBoxWifi Dongles lying about which work very well as a cheap wifi adapter (6GBP),both distros had the drivers by default, but I decided to hard wire it to the network for stable performance.

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I managed to solder up and modify the XBOX dvd remote and IR sensor, so with a little LIRC file configuration it now works as a remote control to control the PI :)
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