Day 1 withdrawal from World of Warcraftby satman

In about 9 months I managed to create and level four characters,mostly by Solo play with a few random battlegrounds and all the dungeons  finders.

Undead Mage  level 85 : The only character I took to level 85 so far, equipped with full PVP and PVE gear but I no top level gear as I don’t really Raid

NightElf Hunter  level 80 : My first ever character, the one that got me hooked on this amazing game. Took me quite a few levels before I realised how to control the pet properly and use it to attack, kinda muddled through.

Human Rogue  level 80 : loved sneaking around invisible and with powerful blades dripping with poisons it made a formidable opponent on the battlefield as well as in PVE

Pandarian Warrior level 81 : Great powerful beast equipped with looms to easily take on mobs 2 or 3 levels higher, made for quick levelling and very fun tanking runs

Mists of Pandaria has been out for a while now but I decided to call it a day and get back to the real world, maybe I will pick it back upin a few months but for now – adios Blizzard

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