Assassins Creed : Brotherhood PS3by satman
I just finished playing this awesome game, probably as good as Uncharted 2 in depth, graphics and gameplay.
I played it the hard way with not paying much attention to the tutorials but it wasn't long before I discovered the power of hired assassins to do the dirty work, nice!

I only got stuck in two places where I had to refer to a walkthrough just so I could carry on.
1st : killing the guard in the Pantheon - I just could not get Enzio to climb in without falling.
2nd : the apple, how to use it to kill the centurion.

Another thing i wanted to do was go back into Rome and play as Enzio after I had completed the game, I discovered you can do this if you let all the end credits finish.. not a bad thing as all the hard work thats gone into making this game deserves some recognition.
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