Windows MovieMaker and MP4 HD filesby satman
I had a nice surprise today when I wanted to edit some MP4 HD video from my Sony H55 camera.  

In the past I had to find a third party MP4 video editing application but lo and behold Windows MovieMaker (running on Windows 7 SP1 64bit) allowed me to open the file and edit it like a normal AVI clip.

At first I thought it did not work as preview playback was black, but along the status bar I saw a message saying 'Preparing 1 of 5' as I had 5 clips, once the preparation was done MovieMaker allowed me to edit the files with transitions, adding music and also speeding up playback speed which is what I wanted, and generated a finalised movie in WMV format
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Submitted by Satman
This is with Windows Live MovieMaker, but I wonder if the installation of Sony PMB software somehow enabled MP4 processing within WMM.
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