[ROM]LeeDrOiD V3.0.6-R2 SMS disappearing Issueby satman
So I installed LeeDroid 3.0.6 today on my HTC Desire which is a Gingerbread ROM, Adroid 2.3.3 . Its an awesome ROM , and I love the FastBoot features of Gingerbread (Off to usable Phone in less than 5 seconds! no kidding)

Everything was fine until I rebooted (twice) and noticed all my sent SMS messages were not showing. I played around a bit by sending messages to myself and rebooting and found I could reproduce the bug like this (appreciate if someone else could test)
1.in SMS settings enable 'Delete old messages' which should happen on storage limits being reached.
2. send sms to yourself
3. look at your SMS and read thread (you should see two entries, one you sent, one you received)
4. put SMS in All Messages view (so you can see all message threads with a count)
5. Power Off Phone after reboot go back to your SMS messages and see if all your Sent are now deleted (or not showing)

on my phone I could stop this behaviour so far by disabling 'Delete Old Messages' and keeping the SMS app looking at a thread instead of looking at 'All Messages' Hope this can assist the devs at XDA with troubleshooting. Im guessing its some issue with the Delete Old Messages Settings
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Submitted by Satman
Doesnt help, SMS sent still decide to randomly disappear after reboots, hopefully the next release can address this
posted Friday, May 20, 2011 11:40 PM Linkback
Submitted by Satman
Im now using SMS backup and Restore (free on marketplace) which will back my shit up and restore at will quickly
posted Saturday, May 21, 2011 12:10 AM Linkback
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