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So I spent the day today trying to find alternative embedded advert providers as Google Adsense is a little too sensitive to content. I wanted something that was easy to set up, and any revenue payable via PayPal on low limits. As for the amount generated I will have to give it a couple of months to see if I can beat the massive $7.95 this site generated last month :)

First Attempt was Bidvertiser : fairly straight forward to setup and get the code required to show adverts. The quality of the adverts were quite dubious but I didn't mind that much considering where they going. The speed they were served was not acceptable, far too slow holding up the page, frequently failing.

Currently I am testing Addynamo to see if they offer any better ad serving. Initial setup was very quick, and the code was implanted here. At a glance it does appear to serve ads much faster than bidvertiser but the content of the ads seem to be quite limited, in fact only an ad to their website so far but I will give it time.
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Well Google decided to disable my Adsense account this morning and they are keeping all the money in the account, probably because I got zombie attacked last night. Ive decided to switch all my ads over to Addynamo to see how it goes.
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