Google Advert invisible for Default Pageby satman
I had a few issues today when trying to get a page to show a Google Ad, it was hidden half the time but randomly appeared while I was testing. What I discovered was that if only shows if the page is referenced by its full URL directly, like -removed- but if the page is automatically served by IIS as the default document in the directory then it does not appear, like here . Not quite sure whats causing it but I will investigate.

UPDATE : looks like google were blocking the app for the page url and for the default document page, the current page has been moved to here which did show the ads fine with identical code but google have hidden service to that too - ill revert back to the original page and look for an alternative ad hoster
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Submitted by Satman
Dark Arts I fear, now the ad does show but loaded with a different impression, not sure what google thinks is serving it.
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