3.60 Version Spoofer v1.1 on Kmeaw 3.55by satman
So much seems to be going on in the PS3 scene lately, with Sony strong arm tactics manipulating the law to expose IP addresses for anyone even visiting various links (could google be forced to hand over anyone who searched for CFW 3.60 ?) .

Well CFW3.55 cannot connect to PSN which will stop those silly game cheats who think its fun to wreck someone elses game, but it also prevents other parts of PS3 like ability to log into LoveFilm or authenticating the PS3 again after a HDD change. This 3.60 PSN Spoofer might be worth a try to see if can at least allow some access.. 
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Submitted by Satman
Got online yesterday with Kmeaw 3.55 CFW, Multiman 1.16.08 and killzone 3 for a day of fragging. I could not activate my console after hdd upgrade but thats probably something to do with multimans console id block. no bans yet but probably only a matter of time. great work ReBug
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